Credit: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty

Tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki is in incredible shape—just one look at her new, nude cover of the ESPN Body Issue is all the proof you need. But her number one tip for body confidence goes against everything we used to think about losing weight.

“I rarely stand on a scale, to be honest,” she told ESPN. “When I stop playing, I’m not going to obsess so much about my weight. It’s going to be more about a healthy lifestyle. It’s more about how I feel.”

With age has come wisdom about her body. “Growing up, I would really just kill it in the gym until I couldn’t stand anymore. The older I’ve gotten, I’m so much better at listening to my body. If you push yourself too much, it’s going to be worse,” she said. “I’ve realized that I can’t spend time stressing about something I don’t have and just embrace what I do have.”

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Preach, Caroline. How your body feels is so much more important than what number you see on the scale. And she isn’t the first star to stop weighing herself: Selena Gomez’s trainer and nutritionist, Amy Rosoff Davis, says she doesn’t have Selena step on a scale either.

“I am not a fan of weighing yourself. I think it breeds obsessive thoughts and behaviors. If you work out and eat healthy, your body should do the rest!” she told Byrdie. “I prefer the jean test. You know how your pants fit, so go off of that instead of a number.”