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College admissions officers are always advising applicants to write about whatever it is they’re passionate about. Well, high school senior Carolina Williams, 18, took that sage wisdom to heart and decided to write a short essay about her love of pizza—and, oh yeah, submitted it to YALE (yes, *that* Yale).

The Internet loved Williams’s ode to Papa John’s finest, but they weren’t the only ones. The Ivy League University not only accepted the teen, they sent her a hand-written note to explain just how deeply they related to her essay topic.

"… as a fellow lover of pizza, I laughed out loud (then ordered pizza) after reading your application,” the admissions officer wrote. In a separate note, an admissions officer wrote, “I kept thinking that you are the kind of person that I would love to be best friends with.” Talk about high praise!

Papa John's was humbled by the news:

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Despite the hubbub surrounding Williams’s acceptance to Yale, the school will not be up a voracious pizza-lover come fall. The Tennessee teen will instead attend Auburn University in Alabama instead.