Meet the Four New Couples Putting Their Love to the Test This Season on Temptation Island

Why go to couples counseling when you can go live with a bunch of single people in Maui?

Ashley G and Rick
Photo: USA Network

Temptation Island is officially coming back for season two, and it promises to be more dramatic than ever.

The reality show returns to USA Network in October, starring a fresh crop of couples hoping to salvage their rocky relationships — while cooped up in a glamorous villa with a bunch of sexy singles. In case you’re not familiar with the premise of the show, here’s the gist:

Four couples who are at a crossroads in their respective relationships head to Hawaii. The guys shack up in a villa alongside a dozen single girls, while their girlfriends move in to a different — but equally paradise-worthy — villa with 12 single men. With zero contact with their partners for a full 30 days, the cast members go on dates with the singles of their choosing as they reflect on their real-world relationships. They have no intel as to their significant other’s activities on the island, other than short video clips they’re shown at weekly bonfires. In the end, they have to decide if they want to leave the island with their original partner, single, or — in a major twist — with someone they met on their stay. Talk about drama.

Earlier this summer, four new couples headed to Maui to put their love to the test. And just before they were split up, we got the chance to chat with each pair on site. Here’s everything you need to know about this season’s cast, including why they’re choosing to air their dirty laundry on reality TV, and our first impressions upon meeting them.

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur

Ashley G and Rick
USA Network

Who they are: Ashley, 30, is a store manager; her 32-year-old BF is a model.

How long they’ve been an item: 4 years (on and off)

Where they call home: Boston, MA

Why they’re here: Rick is a flirt, and Ashley wants to test his level of commitment. “I just wanna know that we are in this serious relationship and that he’s faithful to me and wants to explore the next steps — perhaps some babies and a ring,” she said, to which Rick added, “Or we go our separate ways.” Ashley’s response? “That’s not an option.”

What we think: These two may have their issues, but they seem truly in love. We’re rooting for them to make it back to the mainland hand-in-hand.

Kate Griffith and David Benavidez

Kate and David
USA Network

Who they are: Both Kate, 34, and David, 28, are sales executives (they were initially rivals).

How long they’ve been an item: 3 years

Where they call home: Hoboken, NJ

Why they’re here: Kate is ready to settle down, but David’s not quite there yet — and though they claim not to have ever cheated on each other, each has been unfaithful in a past relationship. “I need to learn to trust a little bit more and have more self-confidence, and he needs to open up more,” said Kate. David added, “I don’t want her to think that I’m some totally different guy when I’m not in front of her. I want this relationship to work.”

What we think: We’re calling it now: these two are going to be drama central this season. Kate cried during our interview and said she was still deciding whether or not she wanted to go through with the show, as David was the one putting the pressure on her to see it through. This all happened on day three of filming, so surely, the tears will continue to fall. We’d be shocked if these two don’t go their separate ways.

Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker

Esonica and Gavin
USA Network

Who they are: Esonica, 30, is a former beauty pageant queen turned leasing professional; Gavin, 26, works in private security.

How long they’ve been an item: 1.5 years

Where they call home: Decatur, GA

Why they’re here: Ready for the broken record? Esonica wants to get engaged, but Gavin isn’t quite ready. He’s cheated in the past and is afraid she’ll never fully trust him based on past indiscretions. “My biggest hope is just to get clarity and a deeper understanding of our relationship and where we stand — and then to continue to connect and grow, or just accept the fate,” said Esonica. “Whatever that fate is,” added Gavin.

What we think: This one is a toss-up. Both Esonica and Gavin are fun, seemingly level-headed individuals who will certainly draw plenty of attention from singles in the villas. They're down to go with the flow and fully embrace their time on the island, dates and all. Could one (or both) of them find a new romance? It’s definitely possible.

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak

Ashley H. and Casey
USA Network

Who they are: 25-year-old Ashley is a dental assistant; her 26-year-old boyfriend works in online sales.

How long they’ve been an item: 1.5 years

Where they call home: Deland, FL

Why they’re here: Former party boy Casey has struggled to prove his commitment to Ashley, who has major trust issues after having her heart broken before. They’re hoping to put their pasts behind them and move on as a pair. “Temptation Island is definitely something that we need at this point,” said Casey. To which Ashley added: “We’ve definitely set rules for each other — no kissing, no sex, none of that. We’re here to work on our relationship, not try to ruin it.”

What we think: Ok, so these two are pretty cute together. They’re truly scared of losing each other at the end of this experience, and although they’ll probably have their fair share of fun on the show, there’s a good chance they’ll find their way back to each other when all is said and done.

Season two of Temptation Island will premiere in October on USA Network.

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