This Teen Wore a $2,000 Kylie Jenner-Inspired Jumpsuit to Prom

Photo: iamstard0m/Instagram; kyliejenner/Instagram

It's safe to say prom has gone to a whole other level. Still, even in an era of over-the-top promposals and red carpet-worthy prom looks, this teen's pricey ensemble made our jaws drop.

Faith Thigpen, 16, who starred in the Lifetime dance reality show Bring It!, rocked a $2,000 sparkly, sheer custom jumpsuit designed by Angel Brinks that no doubt shut the big night down. Thigpen added even more drama to the blinged-out look with a rhinestone-covered mask and a sheer skirt that came complete with a train.

As for the reality star's inspiration behind her statement making-garb, look no further than the Kardashian-Jenner clan (specifically Kylie). "It was inspired by the Kardashians," Thigpen told Yahoo! Style. "Our theme was the 1920s The Great Gatsby. My mom and I saw pictures from the Kardashians' Gatsby-themed blinged-out party, and we were immediately inspired!"

The jumpsuit also echoed the blinged-out Balmain dress Kylie wore to the 2016 MET Gala.

It took Thigpen about five hours to get ready for prom, which included time for her hair and makeup. "I thought the end result was amazing!" she continued. "I didn't expect it to all come together like that. I'd seen the outfit and all the pieces to go along with it, but I never actually saw the whole thing until that night. Once I finally looked in the mirror at myself I was lost for words and almost in tears."

Slay on, Faith. Slay. On.

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