Tech, Yeah! Your Dream Room Delivered to Your Doorstep in a Box

Tech Yeah
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If you’ve ever flipped through a home décor magazine, you've no doubt experienced bedroom envy—you know, the moment when you imagine that perfectly designed, pristinely accented room as your own. But bringing interior design daydreams to life can be an arduous and expensive process. Enter: Room In A Box, the newest feature to hit online décor shop Remodo, launching today.

Simply review Remodo’s portfolio of seasonally and previously created bedroom designs for inspiration. Then, either submit a custom design request for $25 (tell them what your favorite colors are, how you want your room to feel, what your room currently looks like and what your budget is) or purchase the room (bed, nightstands, textiles and wall art) for a 10% discount. "We noticed that people always want to fill a room but tackling it can be overwhelming. We decided to swoop in and make it accessible," Remodo founders and sisters Whitney and Amanda Fox told If you can't commit to a total makeover, which can cost a few thousand dollars, everything from pillows, bedding, desks and wall art can be purchased individually.

So when it comes to creating or even freshening up your haven, kick back and relax—there’s no longer a need to think outside (yes, we’re going for it) the box.

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