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We love counting our steps and monitoring our sleep. The only problem? Wearing the same activity-tracking wristband or pendant day after day. Well, Swarovski is hoping to minimize this accessory fatigue by teaming up with Misfit (the technology company that brought us devices like the Shine and the Flash) on a new line that combines fashion and function.

The collection centers around a Misfit tracking chip—disguised as a sparkly faceted crystal, of course. The round stone measures your steps, calories burned, distance walked, and quality of sleep, then syncs all of this data to a corresponding app on your smartphone. The best part? The stone can be popped into nine pieces of Swarovski jewelry, so that you can transition your tracker as you change your look from day to night, or from work to weekend.

Sorry, but there goes another excuse to not get serious about your health! The device and the jewelry officially launch next month, but you can pre-order them today (starting at $169;

Credit: Courtesy