Tech, Yeah! Use This Fashion-Forward Watch to Get Your Social Media Fix on the Go

Pebble Steel
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Summer weekends are a special kind of bliss. More often than not, we're able to tear ourselves away from work to travel with our friends and family, and soak in the sun. But after a few hours in our idyllic getaway spot, we, along with the rest of the tech-obsessed, will probably get the sudden urge to check our email—just for a minute—or do a quick, harmless scroll through Instagram. So what if you could get your Internet fix without so bluntly whipping our your smartphone by the beach or at the dinner table?

Enter the Pebble. The high-tech timepiece, which launched in early 2013 thanks to an impressive Kickstarter campaign, features an activity tracker that, when connected to your phone, can also receive texts, emails, incoming calls, push notifications for social media, and even set alarms and give you remote control access to your camera and at-home appliances. Plus, it also gives access to an app store that includes 3,000 other applications (Yelp, eBay, and Pandora, among others).

Founder Eric Migicovsky first had the idea for the watch when he was cycling and wanted to check a text, but not drop his phone mid-ride. "I thought how convenient it would be to be able to see my texts and incoming calls on my wrists," he told

Fast-forward a year, and the startup has rolled out three limited-edition Pebble watches in green, hot pink, and blue for the summer season. The colors were decided via a social media campaign launched by Pebble, in which the company encouraged its followers to vote on a shade by using the hashtag #ColorMyPebble (their original lineup of hues consists of black, white, and red).

According to Migicovsky, the new colorways help fuse the worlds of tech and fashion. "People are looking for technology that will enhance their everyday life, but also fit their personal style," he said. Pebble clearly takes care of the former, but for the latter, each watch can be "personalized with different colored watch faces, bands, and colors" to best fit your sartorial sensibility.

Want to customize your timekeeper? Pick up Pebble's limited-edition smartwatch for $150 at

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