By Claire Stern
Updated Jan 13, 2015 @ 2:32 pm
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Ever since activity monitors have taken the form of sleek wristbands (here's looking at you, Fitbit), humans have developed a collective obsession over tracking their own personal health metrics: distances walked, calories consumed, even amount and quality of sleep slept. So it comes as no surprise that they'd want the same for their pets. Companies are currently heeding the call by introducing canine-friendly wearable devices that aim to help your critters improve their respective fitness regimens, and force pet owners to think twice about serving up that second bowl of Alpo. Here are three we've got our eyes on:


The latest and arguably greatest device on the pet monitor market, FitBark tracks your dog's activity by attaching to its collar and provides detailed data on its health and wellness via a corresponding iPhone app. One special function even allows you to compare your own fitness with your dogs', in the name of competition. Plus, it weighs under 1 oz., is waterproof, and comes in a slew of bright colors, so even the most finicky of animals probably won't get annoyed wearing it.

Pre-order FitBark for $99 at


Like FitBark, Whistle is also worn on the collar and monitors your pet's activity and wellness, but it boasts a GPS feature that enables you to track its exact movements at any given time. Coming in late 2015, the device promises to be a total game-changer for lost animals (think: Find my iPhone, but for your dog).

Download Whistle for free on the iTunes Store, and join the waitlist for the WhistleGPS at


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Clip Tagg to your dog's collar and you'll get alerts via text or email if your pup exits the usual areas that it's prone to playing in. If it does, you can easily locate it using the app's live interactive map on your computer. You'll also be able to track how much exercise it got when it played there, and whether it's too hot or too cold with Tagg's ambient temperature sensor.

Download Tagg for free on the iTunes Store, and pre-order the Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker for $100 at