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Imagine a world where hand washing your delicates takes just 10 minutes, where you never have to iron again—ever, and where you don't have to risk taking your couture to the dry cleaners. Rejoice, fashionistas: the future of laundry is here and its name is Swash!

InStyle attended an exclusive launch for the game-changing appliance and to say we were blown away is an understatement. Simply hang your wrinkled garment inside the Swash, pop in a Swash 'refreshing' pod, slide the door closed, and press start. In 10 minutes, the Swash will have removed the wrinkles, neutralized odors, and restored the fit of your clothes—so no more sagging elbows on sweaters or baggy-butt jeans. That's it! Stand by and watch your well-intentioned pile of to-hand-wash clothes shrink one by one.

Celebrity stylist Kate Young, who hosted the event for P&G and Whirlpool (the makers of Swash), trusts it with everything from her raw denim to her husband's vintage rock T-shirts. “It’s great for coming home after Paris Fashion Week!" says the stylist, who has worked with some of our favorite stars including Miranda Kerr, Natalie Portman and Rooney Mara. "Everything in my suitcase always stinks of cigarettes!”

Stylist Kate Young for Swash
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While Swash won't fully replace your dry-cleaning or laundering—that miracle is still fantasy—it can help care for clothes in those in-between states (those moments when you're not quite sure you can get away with wearing that blazer one more time). The Swash plugs into a standard outlet and retails for $499. Pods will cost $7 for a 12-pack.

So when can you get a Swash of your own and officially give your iron the boot? You can pre-order Swash now (with free shipping) through and inside Bloomingdales stores. Orders ship in late August. Swash will be available nationwide in September.