Tech, Yeah! The Stylish Way To Never Have Your Phone Die On You Again

Tech Yeah
Photo: Courtesy Photo (2)

You're just about to post the perfect Instagram or send that super important text message when your screen blacks out. We've all experienced it, but who knew your life-altering solution could actually be easy on the eyes? Meet emPOWERED, a brand that developed battery-pack lined handbags powerful enough for two full charging cycles, and this week they've introduced their first ever tote.

The leather is soft, the silhouette versatile, and at $289 its an accessible addition to your wardrobe. "When most people think of wearable technology, style doesn't come to mind," emPOWERED founder Loni Edwards told us. "We are changing the way the landscape looks." EmPOWERED bags are equipped with a rechargeable short (and tangle-free) USB cable that connects directly to your computer.

To get a sense of how it all worked, we took the bag out for a night on the town. The battery pack never overheated and the tiny adapter (compatible with iPhones, BlackBerries and Android devices) helped our friends stay charged, too. This might just be the easiest way to place yourself in a position of power, but you’ll want to act fast! Their first item, a virtually weightless clutch, sold out within 48 hours.

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