By Wendy Sy
Updated Jun 21, 2014 @ 9:00 am
Credit: Courtesy

We all know the inherent dangers of sun exposure. The question on any given day is: are you covered enough? When is it time to reapply SPF? Are you more in danger because of your given skin tone?

Now your answers can come by the way of accessory. The wearable (and sharply designed) JUNE is the first tech bracelet that measures sun exposure thanks to a metal alloy jeweled sensor (available in gold, platinum and gunmetal) and works with a companion smartphone app.

Developed by innovation company Netatmo, JUNE is a unique little gadget that acts like a personal sun coach—calculating the up-to-date UV index and it’s impact on skin according to the World Health Organization (WHO). So how does it work? Pretty simply in fact. Strap the bracelet on your wrist (or remove the sensor and wear it as a discreet brooch). Once you’ve entered your personalized information (including skin type, eye color and hair color) in the app, follow its recommendations for sun protection, whether that means applying more SPF, throwing on a hat or slipping on a pair of sunnies.

Credit: Courtesy

Not your usual gadget fare, JUNE's high fashion design is the creation of French designer Camille Toupet, who has worked with luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Harry Winston on jewelry collaborations. “Capturing the sun’s glare as an aesthetic element, I was inspired to create a jeweled sensor with glimmering facets to resemble its rays,” Toupet tells The bracelet's band is made with genuine leather and even comes with a softer, more flexible silicone band as an option for fit active lifestyles.

Want more JUNE? Check out the video below and shop the collection, available starting June 21 (Saturday), for $99 each, at