By Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker
Updated Mar 25, 2014 @ 3:03 pm
Credit: Courtesy Photo

See something on the street—in a store window, on a stranger on the bus—snap a photo and within seconds shoppable options (sometimes that exact item) populate your phone screen thanks to the magic of ASAP54, a new image-recognition app for iPhone. The app, which launched earlier this month, is the brainchild of Daniela Cecilio, who as the former COO of one of our must-click e-comms, boutique aggregator, FarFetch, brings a high fashion sensibility and sleek aesthetic to the product. Her retail background also means that lots of great stores are on board from Net-A-Porter to Topshop.

Too shy to take a photo of a stranger or a friend's cute shoes? You can also ASAP screen grabbed images from Instagram or the web. "The last thing I ASAPed was a photo of Kate Moss wearing a cool white jacket," says Cecilio, who ASAPs ten times a day or more ("I'm a shopaholic and this app is not helping me," she jokes). The other aspect of the app is social since you can follow your friends on it. "I love seeing what they are posting and shopping for." Cecilio also suggests thinking outside the box when using the app. In her case she'll take a photo of a nature scene or sunset and see what that translates to in terms of merch. Most recently a painting she snapped yielded a cool Mary Katrantzou dress.

That's the kind of artistically-strategic shopping we can get behind.