Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

When we first walked into Rebecca Minkoff's new Greene Street boutique in NYC's SoHo neighborhood, we couldn't help but marvel at the sleek, minimalist decor and shelves lined with the designer's sure-to-sell-out spring styles (hello, bucket bags!). But after taking a closer look at the mirrored wall that greets shoppers near the front entrance, we were struck by something way cooler than our starry-eyed expression. A quick tap of the wall launches the first step of Minkoff's eBay-developed digital shopping experience, which includes this interactive touch wall, plus connected fitting rooms and an iOS app.

"When you activate the mirror, you'll be able to scroll through our latest look books and runway shows to get outfit inspiration," explains Minkoff. "As you see items you like, just tap the screen to have a sales associate pull them for you and he or she will start your fitting room." Shoppers can go so far as to enter their mobile number via the wall to receive a text when the room is ready. No detail is overlooked: you can even order a complementary latte or a glass of champers to sip while you browse and wait for your fitting room.

Next up on our tour? With bubbly in hand, we arrived at the connected fitting room, where the pieces we selected from the wall were waiting. Minkoff demonstrated just how smart the fitting room mirrors are: they recognize what pieces are physically in there with you, then offer suggestions on how to accessorize based on what's available in the store for immediate try on. Need another size? No problem. Just tap the mirror to call a stylist. "They can respond to say 'I’ll be there in one minute', so you no longer have to reach out of the dressing room half naked to find someone who can assist," says Minkoff. Before you make your final decision, the magic mirror has one more trick: you can tap to adjust the lighting to see how your outfit will look in various scenarios, like outdoors, in the office, and in the evening.

Credit: Sarah Balch for

Finally, Minkoff's app rounds out your shopping experience. The fitting room mirror will give you the option to "save" your session, which means that everything you tried on will be synced to your profile so that you can access or purchase the pieces later on. "You can use the app check out with PayPal, and your account will be charged when you exit the store," says Minkoff. "You can wear your new purchases home with no hassle."

So where will Minkoff go from here? "Eventually, we will probably install a selfie mirror outside of the fitting room," says the designer. "I also think it would be fun to add a 'call your boyfriend' or 'text your friend' function to the mirrors so that you can track down your shopping partner without having to poke your head out of the fitting room." We couldn't agree more!

Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff