Tech, Yeah! Need On-the-Go Directions? There's a Jacket For That!

Wearable Experiments, Navigate Jacket
Photo: Rupert Kaldor

Wearing technology on your sleeve is now literally possible thanks to the brilliant minds at Wearable Experiments, a company that aims to marry technology with functional fashion. The company's Navigate Jacket, launching later this year, is a chic wearable blazer that features integrated LED light and haptic technology that informs the user (or wearer, in this case) when to turn and how to navigate their way around -- a garment positioning system, if you will.

"We wanted to challenge ourselves with different garments and strategies to learn about how best to create intuitive technology and designs that solve a problem," explains designer Billie Whitehouse. "The problem is that we are addicted to our screens and this has become a danger to pedestrians. Navigate uses tactile communication to give the wearer their freedom back to look around and enjoy the journey."

So just how can a jacket tell you where to go or when to make a left-hand turn?

It's as simple as downloading the Navigate App onto a smartphone and entering in the destination. Once the directions are uploaded to the jacket's built-in GPS, the the jacket leads you using vibrations to signal when to turn, and lights up along the sleeves to indicate how far you have to go until your next turn, and just how much is left of your journey.

"The jacket is trans-seasonal and durable," adds Whitehouse. "[It] is designed to be unobtrusive, elegant, and simple. We believe that technology should be a seamless integration into your daily life, and we design the technology to be almost invisible. The jacket is a tool and should be styled like any accessory."

With new designs still rolling out, this looks like the latest tech piece we can't wait to get our hands on -- and into! (The jacket will also be available in white, sans the LED lights, plus designs for men.) To see how the jacket is used, visit

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