Anti-Gravity Phone Case
Credit: Courtesy of Mega Tiny

Ever find yourself looking for a spot to prop your smartphone while you're scrolling through a recipe in the kitchen? Or a place to put it on your vanity for blasting music while you get ready? This genius Anti-Gravity Case from Mega Tiny ($50, available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy) has you covered. The ultra-thin case is made out of nano-suction material that allows it to stick to any surface, including walls, mirrors, cabinets, metal surfaces, tile, and computer screens. It even adheres to surfboards, if you find yourself lounging on the beach (it's also temperature resistant, so it'll keep your phone safe from over heating!). The best part? Despite it's sticky capabilities, the case doesn't feel tacky to the touch, and it won't attract dirt or other particles from the surfaces you place it on. Just think of the possibilities when you flip your smartphone camera to selfie mode.

Anti Gravity Phone Case
Credit: Courtesy Mega Tiny