Tech, Yeah! Here's a Way to Access All Your Digital Snapshots Anytime, Anywhere

Tech Yeah! Lyve
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Imagine that it's Thursday afternoon, and you just remembered a photo that would make for an epic #TBT. You quickly scroll through your photo roll, only to realize that it isn't there. Did you transfer it over to your computer? Or perhaps it's in your external hard drive. We live in a time where almost anything we do—vacations, nights out, pretty sunsets—will be documented in photos. But because those files aren't necessarily stored in the same place, it can get confusing to remember where you stored that certain image. LyveHome aims to change that problem.

Along with the accompanying Lyve app, LyveHome allows you to store all your photos on a cloud-based service that you can access anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or Android, or a PC or MAC. Your pictures are automatically updated to LyveHome (above), but it also has convenient USB slots in the back if you'd prefer to upload them manually.

"It's not about having a portion of your life with you—it's about having your whole life with you on the devices that matter the most—your mobile devices," says Tim Butcher, CEO of Lyve. The app allows for a convenient way to access thousands of memories at the click of a button. Bucher goes on to say that Lyve isn't only about storing memories, but it's also about rediscovering and experiencing those memories.

LyveHome is $299 and includes the Lyve app and is available at

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