Tech, Yeah! Happy 30th Birthday, Dotcom!

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You're the bomb, dotcom. We may not have been placing Amazon Prime orders or queueing up Netflix back in 1985, but the ".com" domain that allows us to do these very things in the blink of a eye was just getting its start. Today marks the 30th anniversary, and we couldn't resist rounding up a brief history of the domain we've come to depend on for so many of our daily clicks.

1985 was the first .COM domain name registered on March 15.


The first 100 .com domain names are registered.


The first home page launches.

1995 debuts.

1995 sells its first book online.

1997 was registered as a domain name.

2004 launches (known then as

2005 launches.

2006 launches, and sells $52.5 billion in merchandise.

2009 starts powering online searches.

2010 and launched, and 35 hours of video per minute were uploaded to


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