Tech, Yeah! Go Shopping With Friends—Online!—Thanks to Whisp

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We've all been there: wading through your fave sites desperately trying to find that one special piece and then sharing a plethora of links with your pals to get their opinions on your finds. Truth be told, it can be a bit of a pain—until now.

Whisp, a new website and iPad app launching today, allows users to browse thousands of products from over 5,000 brands—ranging from Isabel Marant to Urban Outfitters—and then drag and drop the gorgeous images of items onto Facebook or into private chats (called “Whisps”) to get your BFFs' stamp of approval. “The idea behind it is to capture that intimacy of conversation that we already have online and make it really seamless,” co-founder Karoon Monfared tells us.

We tried it, and dragging and dropping the things you want to buy into your chats is only half the fun. You can also play with specially designed, incredibly entertaining (and just plain #awesomesauce) emoticons inspired by style stars like Lena Dunham and Karl Lagerfeld. (Even his cat makes an appearance!) What’s more, every product featured on the site is shoppable, so you’re never directed to an item that’s sold out.

So the next time you’re mulling over that difficult retail decision, give Whisp a try, and let us know what you think.

Head to to make an account or download the app for free on an iPad with iOS 7 from the iTunes app store. Plus, check out more of our favorite shopping apps.

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