Tech, Yeah! eBay's New Valet Service Will Sell Your Designer Castoffs for You

Ebay Valet
Photo: Courtesy

This valet won't bring your car around, but what it will do is even better. eBay's latest update, eBay Valet, lets you send your high-end items using prepaid shipping to a professional re-seller who will list them for you to ensure you get the maximum value for your closet castoffs. From designer clothing and acessories (view the list of accepted brands and approximate values here) to kitchen gadgets, collectibles, and electronics, your valet will handle every step of the process—and you still cash in on 80 percent of the profits.

Here's what we love about it: Your valet takes care of naming the price, taking high-quality photos, writing up descriptions, and responding to those pesky queries from interested buyers. You can just kick back and watch the bidding action. Once an item sells, your valet will handle the shipping. No takers on last season's Louboutin's? They'll send any unsold pieces back to you free of charge. Let the bidding begin!

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