3 New Reasons to Get Pumped About Apple

Apple Developers' Conference
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Just in case you weren't already spending enough time with your iPhone, Apple is giving us a few more reasons to stay connected. At yesterday's WWDC 2015 developer's conference, the tech giant announced some serious upgrades, and we're counting down the days until we can update our software. ICYMI, here's the news to know.

You Can Stream Your Tunes Using Apple Music

Apple Developers' Conference - iPhone 6 - music

Apple is getting into the music streaming game with the Apple Music app, which will be available on June 30 for iOS and in the fall for Android. The app will combine music downloads, music streaming, and live radio streaming all in one place for a monthly fee of $10. Get more details here:

Native Apps Will Be Developed for Apple Watch

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In the first major software update for the newly-released Apple Watch, watchOS, developers will be able to build dedicated apps for the device. You'll even be able to download these apps directly to your watch, without even needing to have your iPhone turned on.

Finally, Siri Is Getting Smarter

Apple Developers' Conference - Apple Pay

If having a personal assistant isn't a reality, this will get you pretty close. A major upgrade to Siri means that the mobile assistant will be able to put your needs in context by pulling data from your apps and identifying unknown callers by searching your data services for the number. The best part? None of the information Siri pulls will be uploaded to the cloud, so your information never leaves your device.

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