Cloth App
Credit: Courtesy Photo

Do you decide on an outfit only after checking the weather or perusing your favorite street style blogs? Then you need to download the new Cloth app now. Not only does it provide tons of outfit inspiration and allow you to share your #OOTD across all your social media accounts with one-touch, but it also provides the weather-obsessed with an easy way to decide what to wear.

Here are three reasons why we love Cloth:

1. Want to see what style stars around the world are wearing right now? You can search by city, category, weather, and more for style ideas from across the globe. If you want to know what people are wearing to weddings in Paris right now, you can search for it on Cloth.

2. You can save and organize your favorite outfits by category, weather, or literally anything else—brand, color, where you wore it. The app remembers your favorite looks and instantly gives you access to your best looks that correspond with the day's weather forecast.

3. The app allows you to chat about your outfits with your friends and get style advice. Not only do you have easy access to your favorite looks, making it easy to send them to friends and seek advice but, your friends can also message you back your own looks as suggestions. "What should I wear tonight?" will be a question you never have to ask again.