Tech, Yeah! Always Have Your Beauty Faves with This New App

Tech, Yeah
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How many times have you gone into a drugstore, department store or boutique and thought to yourself, "Wait, what should I be buying?" You know you need a mascara, and you know you read about the best, newest, most lash-extending, volumizing, curling, amazing one, but you can't remember what it is! Or where you read it (ahem, InStyle's Best Beauty Buys, of course) for that matter. Or how about this dilemma: you return home from buying all your shiny new beauty products, only to realize that you've run out of your favorite concealer.

Sweet mercy, there's a solution! Meet the Stash beauty app for your iPhone, which will help you sort, browse and save. Browse from their inventory of hundreds of products by category (anti-aging, perfume, lip gloss, etc.) to find the best products by rating (or by price, if you prefer). There's also an option to search for an item by typing in a product, or, if you're shopping in a store, simply scan the barcode to pull up the product on Stash. Stash will then give you comparable prices for the same product at different stores and, the best part, will give you a detailed description or review from a number of your favorite magazines or blogs, so you'll know exactly when you've found your right lash-curling mascara.

Stash's founder, Veronica Gledhill, explained exclusively to "Our goal is to create a little beauty universe that makes it easy to find truly useful beauty information, products, and tools in the way that we like best: socially and organically through friends, beauty blogs, Instagram, etc."

You can do all that seamlessly through the Stash beauty homepage, which features an Instagram-like feed of your favorite magazines, celebrities, make-up artists, and other professionals in the industry that's actually shoppable. (How's that for modern convenience?) Click on the hashtags (like #Maybelline or #cateyes) to find the best products that work for that category. For example, clicking on #cateyes from Cara Delevingne's post brings you to a page that features Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner and Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner.

Even better, remembering what to stock up on is a cinch. "Stash" products that you already own and use and play with the scale from "buy" to "full" (e.g., if your Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream is halfway full, you'll mark it at halfway on the scale). You'll then receive reminders (or you can set on automatic) when you need to refill or repurchase your beauty products. Bonus round: the more you purchase through the app, the more points you'll towards money off your future purchases. It's a win-win!

Beauty and tech go hand-in-hand. Check out this online service for clearer skin!

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