Tech, Yeah! This Addictive Website Will Tell You Your Selfie Age lead
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Your biological age is one thing, but how old are you really appearing in your photos? According to the site How Old, you might look like a different age in every selfie.

The website, which was completely developed in one day, uses Microsoft's new face-detection service (called Face) to calculate the age and sex of a person in a photo. We gave it a whirl using pictures of 19-year-old Kendall Jenner, and to our suprise the site consistently expelled numbers that were higher than the model's actual age (which, we admit, did make us feel relieved about our own results).

We thought that a big smile would, in general, shave off a few years, but when we tested it on the youthful Jenner our theory didn't hold true. Jenner's beaming smile (below) resulted in a calculation that was 10 years older than reality. - Embed 2

Next we tried a natural makeup look (top image) versus a full face of makeup (below)—and in Jenner's case, the extra coverup only added on the years. The more subdued image gave an age of 23, while the dolled up version, from Dolce & Gabbana's fall 2015 presentation, landed Jenner at a whopping 35 (below). embed

It seems as though any apparent lines in your face piles on the years. Since heavy makeup can cause creasing, minimizing as many lines as possible may be the key to a younger photo. So for now, we're keeping our selfie makeup to a minimum in hopes of keeping our photo age right where we want it.

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