By Christina Shanahan
Updated Sep 17, 2014 @ 2:31 pm

Need a little motivation to kick start your wellness routine? Misfit announced its latest activity tracker, Flash, which monitors your physical activity and sleep without pulling on those purse strings. The $50 price tag makes it the most affordable wearable device in the category to date, so you can put the money you'll save towards your next SoulCycle class.

Flash syncs with a corresponding smartphone app that lets you set fitness goals, plus track your calories burned, steps taken, and the quality and quantity of your sleep. The sleek design features a halo of lights on the round face that tells the time and shows your progress toward your daily activity goal. Bonus: it's powered by a replaceable battery, so you'll never need to plug in a charger. Flash hits stores in October, but you can pre-order one ($50; to snag your favorite of the seven can't-miss-’em hues.