Tech, Yeah! 5 Sites and Apps You Need to Survive Wedding Planning

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Your wedding may very well be the best day of your life, but the harrowing planning process that precedes it is hardly one for the books. There's a plethora of questions to consider as you scrupulously organize your nuptials, namely: Where should I register? How do I shed some serious pounds to fit into my dress? What on earth do I do with this deluge of carefully selected floral arrangements? There are many, many more, of course, but to get to the nuts and bolts of it, we scoured the vast abyss of the Internet for five need-to-know sites and apps that'll help make the weeks leading up to your special day a lot less stressful and a lot more streamlined. Here are five we're bookmarking:

To Get in Shape: Fitocracy


For better or worse, the first thing that pummels through a bride's mind after she selects her dress of choice is getting in shape for the big event (and, as importantly, looking damn good in the aforementioned dress). All of us are capable of hitting the gym, but to really make sure you're on track with your workouts, try Fitocracy. The fitness app not only outlines your workout regimen, but it offers digital personal trainers that dole out nutrition plans to ensure you see results quickly. As you advance closer to your goal weight, you earn points and collect badges (just like Girl Scouts!) and receive accolades from the app's community of users. To make the pound shedding process more couple-centric, try pitting against your partner to see who comes out ahead.

Download Fitocracy for free on the iTunes app store.

To Beautify Your Registry: Zola


The only thing worse than a couple's cheesy wedding webpage is combing through their boring registry. Thankfully, Shan-Lyn Ma decided to raise the bar for gift giving by creating an app that lets you swipe your way to a successful present. Zola, which launched in 2013, is a highly intuitive planning tool that lets users create their own personalized registries and display them on a Pinterest-like feed. You can browse through over 10,000 curated products and experiences, such as cooking classes and hot air balloon rides, and even track your gifts and manage their delivery by using the handy "Send It Later" option, which lets you receive the gifts you need at the time, and stow away the rest for later. What's more, the app is capitalizing on the wedding hashtag trend with #Love, a feature that culls all of your tagged posts and photos and transforms them into one highly visual wedding timeline that you can share via social media.

Download Zola for free on the iTunes app store.

To Shop Wedding Rings: Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth

White Gold Luxe Anthology Eternity Diamond Ring, $2,450, White Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Ring, $375, Eternity Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring, $1,375;

For most brides, the engagement ring is a surprise, but you usually get free reign over your wedding bands. So why not choose one that's eco-friendly and ethically sourced? Brilliant Earth, which launched in 2005, obtains its diamonds and gemstones from socially responsible suppliers as an alternative to harmful practices currently taking hold in the diamond industry. Each piece is hand-drawn in the brand's San Francisco studio, and handcrafted from recycled precious metals. On top of its vast collection of unique designs, you can even utilize their "Create Your Own Ring" option, which lets you select your ideal ring and setting for a one-of-a-kind, all around perfect piece.

Head to to shop.

To Change Your Name:

Choosing rings and products to fill your future home is all well and good, but there's also a bunch of legal hoops to jump through as you make your way to matrimony—chief of which is changing your name. Luckily, has made that tortuous, hours-long process rather seamless. The online name changing service enables you to legally change your name in just shy of 30 minutes by auto-completing your state and U.S. government forms, as well as notification letters for over 16 million companies (think: banks, credit card companies, gyms). Plus, its newly-launched sister site, Marriage License Now, lets you select your state and county to receive intel on specific filing processes by region, so you're in the know wherever you and your husband go.

Head to to register.

To Recycle Your Floral Arrangements: Rebloom


If all goes according to plan, your ceremony will likely be rife with gorgeous floral arrangements. But it's a shame to know that, after the event transpires, they're likely all going straight to the garbage dump. With Rebloom, you can opt to donate your oft-discarded herbage to help raise money for your favorite charity, and even repurpose them for another event. How it works is simple: Once your event is over, Rebloom's team will pick up your flowers, refrigerate them overnight, then sell them at a heavy discount to their users, and ultimately return a large portion of the proceeds to your charity of choice. Stop and smell the white roses—this one's a no-brainer.

Head to to sign up.

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