Tech, Yeah! 3 Reasons We're Loving the New Google Photos

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Did you know that humankind will take an estimated trillion pics over the next year? Leave it to the big G to help us organize that seemingly endless string of selfies. At this week's annual I/O conference Google unveilved the latest product update that's sure to take over our smartphones, Google Photos. The standalone product lets you organize all of your picturess and videos accross all of your devices. Here are the top reasons we're pumped about the update.

The storage is unlimited--and free

Unlike the earlier version, you can quite literally store a lifetime's worth of images, completey free of charge. Google Photos preserves the original resolution of your files, up to 16MP for photos and up to 1080p high-definition for videos.

It gets to know your friends and family members

No joke--Google auto-groups the people, places, and things in your images using a recognition technology so you can easily search for your favorite shots. Whether you're looking for the best shots of your bestie or your pup, you can easily find them without ever having to label or sort.

You have a personal photo editing assistant

One swipe left and you'll be taking into "assistant" mode where Google will suggest new enhancements you can do to improve the quality of your pic, and help you create a collage or a story to spotlight a particular event or vacation. Cue the Instagram uploads!

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