We're Calling It: These 5 Tech Trends Will Be Huge This Year

Tech Trends
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We've shown you how to score the Apple Watch Hermes, introduced you to the latest in VR, and tested out the sites that'll save you money, and apps to keep your selfie game strong. But when it comes to what's next, we've got an ear to the ground on the latest news coming out of Silicon Valley. Here are our picks for the trends to watch in the months ahead.

Virtual Reality for the Real World

It's no secret that you no longer have to be a gamer to appreciate the power of virtual reality. The VR buzz has been booming with designers like Rebecca Minkoff filming fashion shows in 360 degrees and the launch of our very own InStyle Virtual channel. Now, with tech companies like Samsung launching user-friendly viewers (not to mention the long-awaited Oculus Rift headset now available for pre-order), expect to see content developed to suit a range of interests.

Fitness Apparel That Tracks Your Every Move

We've come to rely on our Fitbits for instantaneous step and sleep tracking, but get ready for the option to have every piece of your workout gear become connected. This year alone, companies will roll out pieces that measure and analyze your movements from head to toe, like the OMsignal sports bra with built-in sensors that monitor your heart rate and the Altra IQ running sneaker that sends data on your footstrike and cadence straight to your smartphone.

Techy Beauty Tools to Analyze Your Skin

Just how effective is your beauty routine really? The newest innovations will clue you in to what you've been doing right—and what areas could use a little more love. Later in the year, L'Oréal will introduce the highly-anticipated My UV Patch (a patch-like device that analyzes your UV exposure when applied directly to your skin) and there's a Kickstarter campaign underway to fund the Mapo Connected Beauty Mask (which checks the moisture levels of your skin and instructs you where to apply products most effectively).

Wearables That Don't Require You to Carry Around Your Phone

Sure, that smartwatch is great for keeping up with texts and staying on top of your Twitter notifications, but you still have to keep your phone within range in order to sync it. The number of companies showing off wearable technology at this year's Consumer Electronics Show nearly tripled, and a developers echoed a common goal: to create devices that connect to the Internet rather than tethering to mobile devices.

A Smarter-Than-Ever Home

Maybe you've gotten on board with a smart thermostat or upgraded to connected LED lighting, but are you ready for a refrigerator that sends you snaps of the inside contents when you find yourself in the grocery store without a shopping list? That's what's in the works from Samsung with the launch of the Family Hub Refrigerator (complete with a built-in digital bulletin board on the door) this spring. And, thanks to the yet-to-be-released Savant Remote, you'll soon be able to communicate with this device plus every other gadget in your home through one sleek touch-screen remote control.

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