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Updated Oct 17, 2014 @ 7:15 am
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These A-list ladies are all starring in a new role: digital entrepreneur. We asked the freshest faces of the online frontier to dish on the tools they use most.

Blake Lively, founder of

Where do you shop online?I love Anthropologie, Etsy, and 1stdibs. I like to window shop on 1stdibs, it’s so fascinating to me—I don’t know how anyone can charge that! But oh boy, it’s entertainment. I like places that are more specific. I love Flavor Paper, for example. Mood Fabrics, I love. I mean, who doesn’t want scratch-and-sniff wallpaper? It’s Willy Wonka in real life.

What’s the last thing you purchased online?I don’t know—I got to go on Preserve, I guess! That’s the problem with this site—everything I buy, it’s things that I’m curating. So I want every piece for my home, I want every piece of clothing, it is so dangerous for me.

How are you finding being an editor and a writer?My father was an English professor, so the written word was always very important in our home. It’s definitely a curve. The biggest thing that’s challenging is that people don’t really get our sense of humor yet. I have a very dry sense of humor, and I was sitting with my husband (Ryan Reynolds) and I said, “How is it that Jason Bateman gets away with that?” He’s so dry, but people know he’s joking, but if he wasn’t, people would just think he’s an a**hole. My husband said, “Yeah, but people expect that of him.” And I said, “Yeah, I know, but when I do it, people think I'm a jerk!” And he said, “Yeah, because they don’t expect that of you!”

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Lauren Conrad, co-founder of The Little Market

Where do you shop online?Clothing, Net-A-Porter; shoes, Kohls; jewelry, Cat Bird NYC or Etsy; beauty, Tarte Cosmetics; and home décor, The Little Market and One Kings Lane.

What's the most recent app you downloaded?Phhhoto.

What's the last thing you bought online?Greeting cards.

What website or app changed your life and why?Waze. I spend a lot of time on the 405 driving back and forth from L.A. to Orange County. I use Waze to find the fastest route and it saves a lot of time.

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Amber Valetta, founder of Master & Muse

Where do you shop online?Master & Muse—I love a brand called The Sway. For fall, they have these amazing motorcycle jackets that are so frickin’ cool. They’re upcycled leather, that’s what makes them responsible. I also shop on Yoox because they have a ton of designers and they’re my partner, so they’re a great place to shop for big brands. I love Reformation. They match my ethos and I’m friends with the owners there and everything they do has a mindful meaning behind it. It’s sexy, cute, fun, and a great price point.

What website or app has changed your life?I love Insight Timer, which is a meditation timer. That probably changed my life because meditation has changed my life more than anything. I’m also obsessed with SoulCycle, so I love their app to sign up for classes and pick out my bike. There are a bunch of other little apps too—I love Shazaam, I love Beats. I like Farmers Market Finder. I also have an electric car, so I use ReCargo a lot. It tells you where charging stations are nearby.

What’s the most recent app that you downloaded?There’s a new app called Spring that a friend of mine, Ara Katz, started. As far as shopping is concerned, that is definitely the place to go on your phone.

How did you get into the sustainable fashion lifestyle?My mom was a big environmentalist and activist when I was growing up, so I was just raised with that mentality of caring for the planet and people. I wanted to make the shopping experience feel good and make it a positive thing and not just a gluttonous thing. It’s about buying better and being smarter and designing better, and to me, that’s the future. It’s not about being a tree hugger or any of that stuff. I’m not a hippie. This is about modern commerce and business and where the world is moving.

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Kate Bosworth, co-founder of JewelMint and Style Thief

Where do you shop online?These days I mainly shop fashion utilizing Style Thief. Not only is it a tool that can find an exact piece of desired fashion, but it is also a place for discovery. I love taking a photograph of a print or color I see and searching for fashion with this inspiration in mind. I recently saw a great plaid print on a blanket in a shop—I took a photo of the plaid, uploaded the photo to Style Thief and found the coolest results in sweaters.

What website or app changed your life?I co-founded an e-commerce site called JewelMint in 2010. There, I realized my passion for tech and fashion.

What app would people be surprised to know you have on your phone?I love to cook! Epicurious is my go-to app that inspires recipes and meals.

What's the last thing you bought online?A lid to my Lodge cast iron skillet from Amazon. I'm not joking.

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