Rob Lowe Moved in with Princess Stephanie After One Night Together

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Who: Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor Rob Lowe, 55, and Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 55.

How They Met: In 1983, Lowe arrived in London to film Oxford Blues. According to his 2011 memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography, Lowe suggested Princess Stephanie, whom he admittedly had a crush on, play opposite him. He never heard back. A few years later, Lowe’s friend and colleague Glenn Souham noticed the actor admiring the princess’s 1986 Vogue cover. Souham, whose security company provided for the Grimaldi family, offered to introduce Lowe to the young royal.

Why We Loved Them: Lowe explains in the book that Stephanie was charmingly calculated when it came to her dating life. They hung out for the first time in Paris, over dinner with friends (“By dessert, neither of us is interested in anything other than getting the hell of of there and back to her apartment”). Lowe said he later learned that between entrees Stephanie had called her butler and asked him to clear out her current boyfriend’s belongings from her apartment before she (and Lowe) returned. After that first evening together, Lowe said he checked out of his hotel and “moved in” with the princess.

When They Peaked: Before even meeting Stephanie, Lowe agreed to host an event in Dallas for the Princess Grace Foundation (which he’d taken on in the hopes of meeting her). According to People, guests paid $125 a head and were disappointed when Stephanie and Lowe arrived 90 minutes late and then ignored the masses — they reportedly spent the evening smoking cigarettes in the corner. What a damn power move. Hollywood royalty, royalty royalty (spawned by Hollywood royalty) — it's royalty Inception! — if there was ever a couple whose rudeness could be anticipated, it would be this one.

For his part, Lowe seemed to have had a good time at the gala. He met Stephanie’s dad, Prince Rainier III (sans introduction, mind you), was recognized by Frank Sinatra (“My grandkids love ya!”), and rubbed shoulders with his “old friend” Cary Grant.

The Breakup: In an interview with CBS Morning Show in 2012, Lowe described their meeting as “the definition of immediate fireworks.” Extending that metaphor, the relationship burned bright, but burned out quickly.

Lowe grew “restless” in Paris, noting in his book that there was a “profound lack of work ethic” in Stephanie’s group of friends. By the time the gala came around, Lowe said he and Stephanie were “over the buzz of our initial meeting,” adding, “it’s becoming clear that the mutual infatuation has been sated. We both know it’s time to move on.”

Where They Are Now:

Princess Stephanie has wed twice in the decades since she and Lowe split. In a pearl-clutch-inducing move, the Monegasque royal married her bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, in 1995. They welcomed two children — Louis, 27, and Pauline, 25 — before splitting in ’96. In ’98, Stephanie welcomed a third child — Camille Gottlieb, 21 — with former palace security guard Jean Raymond Gottlieb. In 2003 she married acrobat Adans Lopez Peres, but the marriage was terminated 10 months later.

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Around the time that she began dating Lowe, Stephanie embarked on a music career. She’s dabbled in the industry on-and-off, releasing her last single in 2006.

Lowe wed makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff in 1991 and they’ve been together ever since. They share two children together: Matthew, 28, and John, 25.

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The actor currently stars in FOX’s 9-1-1 spin-off 9-1-1: Lone Star opposite Liv Tyler.

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