David Blaine Once Won a Fight with Fiona Apple by Putting on Seven Blazers

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TBT Fiona Apple David Blaine
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Who: Grammy-winning singer Fiona Apple, 42, and “Magician & Endurance Artist” David Blaine, 47.

How They Met: According to an interview with Black Book, Apple and Blaine met in February of 1997 at a Grammys after-party. In lieu of an introduction, Blaine sat down before her, said, “I want to show you something” and proceeded to do a card trick. About a week later, on their first date, Blaine pulled out all the stops, going as far as to casually levitate in front of her. Yes, levitate.

“He has an amazing lure,” Apple told Black Book. “No matter how infatuated I’ve been with any guy, I always want them to go away. And I don’t really get it. The first time that he called, I said to my mom, ‘You know how I never want to spend time with anybody? Well, if there’s anyone who’s going to pull me away from that, it’s going to be this guy.’ From the first time I talked to him. He’s just full of everything.”

Also, FYI, Blaine did not teach Apple his tricks. "Whenever I go any place with David and people ask, 'Oh, do you know all his tricks? No? He won’t tell you?'" she explained to Black Book. "No, I don’t ask. I don’t need to ask. He could tell you the answers and it would still be incredible. Why would I want to rob myself of that enjoyable naïveté?"

While together, neither Apple nor Blaine had a home of their own, thus “when the two of them are together, they end up wherever.” Moving in together is probably logistically easier without a physical home to move into.

TBT Fiona Apple David Blaine

Why We Loved Them: In an interview with SPIN, Apple issued an unorthodox but ultimately lovely quote about her relationship with Blaine. “David and I are both completely f—ked-up,” she said. “We’re the most f—ked-up people I know.” Ah, to be young, in love, and completely f—ked-up (together).

When They Peaked: As you may have gathered, Apple and Blaine’s relationship was far from ordinary. And while spontaneous levitation and sleight of hand is fun and all, it takes more than magic tricks to win an argument. Apple recounted a turning point in her and Blaine’s time together after they’d had a particularly bad fight. He retired to the bedroom for a bit and emerged wearing “seven blazers, one on top of the other, and a white top hat with glow stickers on it” — oh, and he was rapping … “It was so inexplicable,” Apple said. “And I love that. I just love the way that his anger manifests itself. You’re having a fight with someone, why would you go and put on seven jackets and a top hat and start rapping?” But also, why wouldn’t you??

The Breakup: Though the era of Blapple (sorry) was glorious, it was short-lived. By 1998, the pair had amicably split. Yes, the word “amicable” is thrown around a lot when it comes to celebrity courtship, but this particular parting of ways truly was. The two remained friends, as Apple herself had predicted they would. While they were still together, she confirmed a rumor that Blaine had gotten her name tattooed on his shoulder. “He did it as a surprise. He had talked about it, but I kept telling him not to do it,” she told SFGate. “I would feel stupid if somebody had to get me removed. It's not like he'll ever have to get it removed, though, because we'll always stay best friends.”

TBT Fiona Apple David Blaine
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As for the split itself, neither party opened up about details, though in 2002 Blaine did tell Howard Stern (whilst balancing on a pillar 100ft in the air, no less) that “[Fiona] broke up with me, in a nice way.” Apple, who was also on the somewhat excruciating call, objected to Blaine’s response (“Are you kidding me?”), though it was unclear whether she was reacting to the response itself or her ex’s willingness to share with the bullying Stern.

Anyway, Apple and Blaine stayed friends — the kind of friends who send each other’s partners baby gifts, the kind of friends who record sounds for their 2012 albums at each other’s homes, the kind of friends who bring each other soup when they’re sick (!!!).

That said, Apple was still reportedly “disturbed” to learn of Blaine’s inclusion in Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book.”

Where They Are Now: Blaine welcomed daughter Dessa with model Alizée Guinochet 2011. He and Guinochet were reportedly engaged at one point, but they are no longer together.

After splitting with Blaine, Apple went on to date director Paul Thomas Anderson for several years, and then writer Jonathan Ames.The singer recently released her long-anticipated fifth studio album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters.

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