Taylor Swift's White VMAs Suit: Customized By Gilles Mendel!

Taylor Swift J. Mendel
Photo: Getty Images; Imaxtree
  • Taylor Swift stunned when she stepped out in an all-white—a serious departure from her go-to red looks—silk crepe J. Mendel suit on the red carpet at the 2012MTV Video Music Awards. And now we've got the exclusive details! InStyle.com spoke to designer Gilles Mendel at his New York Fashion Week show, where he told us that Swift handpicked the suit from a private preview of his Spring/Summer 2013 collection. He then created a custom monochromatic version of the tailored floral two-piece (shown right) for the performer. "I was doing a suit for this collection, and she loved it," he said. "She loved the sketches. What she wore was similar to the one [I'm showing] today, except hers was white. Mine are very colorful." Mendel also revealed that it was the first time Taylor had ever worn a suit for the red carpet—and the first time he had ever made one. "She wanted to wear a suit. She’d never worn a suit...ever!," he said. "Suits are new to me. [For] this collection I’m coming back to an old world glamour, and I love
  • that I’m getting into the suiting. It’s exciting!"
  • You can say that again.

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— Lindzi Scharf

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