By InStyle Staff
Nov 09, 2012 @ 12:23 pm
Lunchtime Links

1. Make the time to check out Taylor Swift's photo book, 8 Hours, shot by Nigel Barker. [EW]

2. See why "Diamonds" are Rihanna's best friend in her new music video. [YouTube]

3. Jennifer Lawrence says that she'll never starve herself for a role. Could we love her any more? [People]

4. Robert Pattinson reveals to Jimmy Fallon the one time he peed his pants... when he watched Corky Romano. [E! Online]

5. Create an Andy Warhol-inspired Facebook cover photo with this cool Nars app!  [StyleBistro]

6. Liz and Dick costume designer, Salvador Perez Jr., dishes on the movie's clothing and Lindsay Lohan, of course. [Glamour]