By Kelsey Glein
Updated Jan 29, 2015 @ 11:17 am
Taylor Swift Trademarks Lyrics
Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Want to party like it's 1989? If so, you may need permission from a certain pop superstar. Taylor Swift reportedly filed trademarks for some of the most memorable lyrics from her recent 1989 album, ensuring that no other artists can use these phrases in their own songs. In addition to "Party Like It's 1989," the Grammy-winning singer now owns trademarks to the lyrics "This Sick Beat," "Cause We Never Go Out of Style," "Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?" and "Could Show You Incredible Things."

And, the trademark filings won't just apply in the music world. This means you would need Swift's permission if you want to use any of these phrases on items you plant to sell, from clothing to home goods (think soap, Christmas decorations, backpacks, pot holders, etc.).

Given the incredible success of her album, we don't blame the singer. This isn't an uncommon practice for megastars like Swift, and she's done it after the release of previous albums. For those who do mind, in the famous (and so far un-trademarked) words of Swift: the haters gonna hate, hate, hate.