Taylor Swift's "The Man" Music Video Takes a Swipe at Kanye West

There are plenty of Scooter Braun Easter eggs, too.

Taylor Swift just dropped the music video for her feminist anthem "The Man," and she wasn't kidding when she said there would be "lots and lots" of Easter eggs ahead of its debut.

For the song's visuals, Swift transforms into a super douche-y alpha male, Tyler Swift. He yells at his co-workers, man-spreads on the subway, and somehow still manages to get awarded as the "World's Greatest Dad." In addition to Tyler's bad behavior, there are also some sneaky references to the powerful men in Swift's own life that have bullied her in the past.

Taylor Swift Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
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Before even releasing the video, Taylor posted a teaser image that featured 19 hands in a white, curved hallway very similar to the one in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's bare-bones Calabasas mansion. Fans instantly saw this as Tay's way of throwing shade at the rapper for the moment he interrupted her acceptance speech at the MTV VMA Awards in 2009. Swift was 19 at the time, and it was the beginning of her and West's decade-long feud.

In another scene, her character wakes up in a bedroom with a naked woman in bed who could pass as Kim's doppelgänger. In case you forgot, West's "Famous" music video featured a nude wax figure of Taylor without her consent, and, three years later, she "liked" a tweet that compared the video to revenge porn.

Meanwhile, at the 13th Street subway station, she took a swipe at Scooter Braun, who bought the rights to her old music from Big Machine Label this summer. At the transit stop, Swift's first album names are written in graffiti with the word "Karma" spray-painted next to them, and a sign that read, "Missing: If found return to Taylor Swift" posted below. To the right, another sign says, "No scooters allowed."

As a final jab to Braun, the phrase "Owned By Taylor Swift" appears on the screen during the credits.

Watch the entire video and look out for more Easter eggs above.

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