"I can't thank you enough for risking your life to help people."


Taylor Swift has a long history of surprising random fans in various ways, and the coronavirus pandemic isn't stopping that. In a post on Twitter, Whitney Hilton, a Utah nurse revealed that Swift sent her an entire care package thanking her for her work and wishing her a happy 30th birthday.

According to People, Hilton had recently returned home to Utah after traveling to New York City to help the nurses at Northwell Health's Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Alongside some Lover merchandise, the handwritten note sent by Swift read, "I wanted to send you some presents and to let you know I am so grateful for you. I can't thank you enough for risking your life to help people and for spreading the message loudly that people need to hear about taking this seriously. Also, I saw the photo of you from my show! Thank you for coming! I would love to give you a hug next time and thank you in person. With love and admiration, Taylor."

In sharing the package, Hilton thanked the singer and noted that it was the "best day" of her life.

This isn't the first thing Swift has done for fans in the last few months. In March, she quietly donated sums of $3,000 to random fans who expressed financial trouble. "Holly, you've always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor," Swift wrote to an unsuspecting fan last month.