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While on the East Coast leg of her Reputation tour, Taylor Swift had some downtime in between shows on Saturday afternoon, which she spent strolling around Tribeca looking like a total tourist.

Tay Tay stepped out of her N.Y.C. apartment in an outfit that allowed her to blend in with the thousands of vacationers visiting the city over the weekend. However, her hot pink hoodie with "New York City" scrawled above a printed skyline, cut-off denim shorts, leopard boots, and Louboutin backpack did not come at a bargain from your average souvenir shop.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - July 21, 2018
Credit: Alessio Botticelli/Getty Images

Quite the opposite, actually. Swift's casual ensemble was constructed from a slew of designer pieces that cost wayyy more than what the average person is willing to spend on athleisure. Let us break it down for you:

Taylor's hoodie, which resembles those ubiquitous "I heart NY" sweatshirts, is actually by Balenciaga and retails for $895. Yes, you read that right: Eight hundred and nighty-five American dollars.

However, that's not even the most expensive aspect of her outfit. The Louboutin backpack slung behind her shoulders cost $1,095.

Her Guiseppe Zanotti animal print booties? $648.

And, finally, Taylor paid $295 for those frayed Alexander Wang denim shorts. The grand total of her laid-back getup rings in just under $3,000.

If you ask us, that's a whole lot of cash to shell out to blend in with the sightseers in Times Square. But Taylor may just be ahead of the fashion curve. The design house behind Swift's sweatshirt also put Crocs back on the map this year with its spring 2018 collection, crafting an embellished platform version.

Additionally, earlier this week, the songstress also proved that the ugly shoe trend of intentionally dirty sneakers is here to stay. Taylor, we're taking notes...