Taylor Swift Announced Her New Album—and the Title Is Gold

Taylor Swift is BACK, you guys, and like all things Swift-related, her return was perfectly calculated. On Monday, the singer dropped her first teaser on the day of the total solar eclipse, the one time that our attention was diverted away from our phones and computer screens. Then, on Wednesday, Swift confirmed what we all hoped would be true: She's releasing a new single on Thursday night and dropping an album this fall.

By the looks of it, Swift’s first solo new music since 2014’s 1989 will be worth the wait. The singer seems to be embracing a very new vibe with the album, which will be called Reputation and drop Nov. 10.

In a promotional photo, Swift rocks a dark lip, wet hair, and a ripped shirt, swapping a smile for a moody pout. Newspaper headlines are superimposed with the photograph, making it clear that this new album will be all about her "reputation" in the public eye.

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Swift hyped up the anticipation by first deleting all content from her social media accounts on Friday and then teasing fans with cryptic videos of a snake, leading fans to believe her new music could be a direct response to her clash with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Last July, Kardashian West shared to Snapchat recordings of Swift’s phone conversation with West about his song “Famous,” which seems to diss Swift. In the recordings, the “Blank Space” singer is heard giving her approval to the song, but after the song was released, she denounced the lyrics, which refer to her as a b—. Kardashian West's fans branded Swift as a "snake" for seemingly going back on her word.

Thursday night's new music can't come soon enough.

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