Taylor Swift performs during The 1989 Tour at Soldier Field on July 19, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.
Credit: Daniel Boczarski/LP5/Getty Images

Next month, Swifties everywhere will be able to easily replicate Taylor Swift’s youthful, preppy style, thanks to her newly announced partnership with Chinese online retailer The singer teamed up with Heritage 66 Company to develop a 1989-appropriate line of dresses, sweatshirts, and tops, all of which will be designed to cater to the Chinese market, WWD reports. This isn't the star's first delve into the fashion world considering she's collaborated with Keds multiple times; however, a Swift-only line of duds sure is exciting (we suggest brushing up on your Chinese comprehension skills to get a leg up on upcoming new details from JD).

One important question comes to mind: Will Swift bring her freshly minted creations out onto the stage in the same way that she introduces her star-studded inner circle during concerts? We can only hope so, although the knee-high boots, tuxedo blazers, and cropped two-pieces she sports while performing sure don’t disappoint. Our calendars (and web browsers) are officially marked.

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