Taylor Swift Street Style - Lead 2016
Credit: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift spent last week strutting through N.Y.C. in a parade of crop tops and gym wear, so when she didn’t attend the 2016 MTV VMAs at Madison Square Garden, needless to say fans were a little confused. But Monday morning, photos surfaced from Nashville that seem to explain her absence: She had jury duty!

The pop princess was snapped while doing her civic responsibility in her hometown, happily taking pictures with her fans and fellow jurors. While many people dread doing jury duty, these lucky few were treated to an impromptu meet and greet, getting to chat and take selfies with Swift.

One fan told the “Shake It Off” star about how her kids love to sing along to her music in the car. “That’s so sweet,” she responded.

The singer even signed autographs, writing, “So nice to meet you!!”

Considering Swift is a major Law & Order: SVU fan (she even named her cat Olivia Benson!), it’s safe to say she might have even wanted to see what the court system was like for herself.