Taylor Swift Reportedly Crossed an Ocean to See Joe Alwyn on Thanksgiving

She's apparently a pro at the clandestine getaway.

Taylor Swift was one of the brave souls that traveled over the holiday weekend, though her trip probably didn't involve waiting at the airport, delays, or a stiff neck. According to Elle, she spent the holiday in London, though almost nobody knew about the trip and she managed to make it across the Atlantic without anyone picking up on it. How? She's done it before, for one, and she's got the routine down.

Sources close to Swift explained that she flew out on Thanksgiving day to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

"She arrived on Thursday [in London] from New York and is spending the weekend there."

Taylor Swift
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

E! News notes that her methods may seem over-the-top, but they've worked in the past and she managed to do this entire thing without anyone finding out just this past weekend. She uses a private plane, a private airfield, and she has her passport checked after she's already boarded, so there's no airport involved at all. Once she's landed in Londontown, she uses a "fairly nondescript blacked-out car" and hangs out in Crouch End. No big-name restaurants, no red carpet events, no chance of being spotted. She stays in with Alwyn so that they can avoid anything major and there's no opportunity for her to be seen anywhere.

A source told E! News that "unless you're part of her inner circle, you wouldn't know when she is or isn't here. [Taylor] barely leaves a trace."

While she was quiet about her trip, she may have used social media to lull would-be sleuths into thinking that she was spending Thanksgiving with her pals in New York. She hosted a star-studded Friendsgiving that included Gigi Hadid, Antoni Porowski, and Martha Hunt, who shared plenty of snapshots from the event.

"It's an annual tradition for Taylor to get together with close friends and do this," another source said. "Many have been at her gathering in years past. This year was intimate and casual, but they all had a great time."

There's no better way to make people think that it's business as usual than having your famous friends post all about your whereabouts. Last February, she employed similar tactics, posting photos from Big Sur just one day before she was reportedly seeing Alywn in London.

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