Taylor Swift Uses an Odd Baby Voice to Tease New Song "Gorgeous"

At this point, Taylor Swift is a full-fledged master at the art of the cryptic Instagram message and her latest one proves it further.

The singer took to her Insta on Thursday afternoon to tease a curious new audio clip and we already have the super short soundbite playing on repeat.

Bookended by two photos stating "midnight eastern tonight" and "available everywhere," the Instagram post with the new audio is—in a word—strange.

The 'gram features a graphic of the word "Gorgeous" written multiple times in white letters over a pink background as a baby-esque voice simply says, "Gorgeous."

Listen to and watch it here:

It marks yet another departure for the singer from a more conventional music release process, but we're all about it. But after Swift's wild teasers for the debut singles of her forthcoming album Reputation, we really expected nothing less.

The singer has been pretty busy as of late, after some time away from the spotlight. She just launched a line of "Taymojis" and her own app, but she somehow still has time every now and then to surprise her fans, both at their homes (yes, for real), and with new music.

Needless to say, you know where to find us when this hits the airwaves tonight.

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