Will Taylor Swift Come Out of Hiding for Her Annual 4th of July Party? All Signs Point to Yes

Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

Every year, Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island compound is the place to be on the Fourth of July. The singer hosts an epic, star-studded bash filled with patriotic bikinis, dance parties, and tons of rampant PDA. And of course, you can’t forget the water slide.

But 2017 has been a wee bit different for the star, who has spent most of the year out of the public eye. Whether that’s because she was embarrassed after being called out by Kim Kardashian West on Snapchat, or has just been furiously working on her new album, we’ve definitely seen less of her than usual. So will she come out of hiding in order to host her annual bash? All signs point to yes.

The most compelling evidence isn’t from Tay herself, but spotted by some eagle-eyed fans who live near her house in Rhode Island and spotted the top of a patriotic water slide peeking out above the perfectly manicured hedges. And if you had any doubt that these photos were taken in years past, the posters made sure to clear up that they are in fact from 2017.http://nailbiting-fangirl.tumblr.com/post/162440448650/the-slide-is-up-2017


If that wasn’t even proof, we’d like to also point out that Swift did (kind of) come out of hiding earlier this week to congratulate Russell Westbrook on his NBA MVP trophy. Perhaps she was testing the waters to see how her return to social media was received?

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If, by the looks of it, Taymerica 2017 is ON, who do we expect to see at the blowout? Perhaps Selena Gomez and her boyfriend The Weeknd will make an appearance, and Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne can usually be counted on to show up for their bestie. Last year, a pregnant Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shocked us all by being present, and perhaps they’ll make the trip from their home in nearby Westchester once again.

But the real question is, will Swift’s rumored beau Joe Alwyn be in attendance? Last year, she went very public with her relationship with Tom Hiddleston at the bash (who could forget that “I Heart TS” tank?) and if the singer is consistent, she may be planning to make the same big moves this year.

If you need us, we’ll be constantly refreshing Taylor Swift’s Instagram feed from now until Tuesday.

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