Olivia Bahou
Oct 26, 2017 @ 12:30 pm

In the latest installment of “this person looks so much like a celebrity it’s insane,” a new Taylor Swift doppelgänger is freaking out the Internet­—and for good reason. Twenty-year-old British student Laura Cadman looks just like the pop star, from her coiffed blonde hair to her winged liner and perfect red pout. Plus, she’s a big fan of cats and cozy sweaters, making her even more similar to Swift.

Just check out this 'gram from Oct. 8, when Cadman was snuggling her black cat named Bryan and we honestly couldn’t believe that this isn’t Taylor Alison Swift.

Plenty of fans have taken note, flocking to Laura’s account to express their disbelief that they could look so scary similar. But while Swift has a reputation for lurking on Instagram and sweeping in to speak to her superfans, she hasn’t noticed Cadman—yet. “Offended but also happy that Taylor is stalking/has noticed so many people,” she wrote, adding, “I swear she will literally NEVER know who I am, it’s hilariously tragic.”

I hope Heathcliff from the cat cafe in Notts remembers how much I love him

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Apparently I like taking photos upside-down 🍋

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Will this attention help this super Swiftie/doppelgänger to get noticed by her idol? Until then, keep scrolling for all of the times she looked so much like Taylor, you won’t believe your eyes.

cat whisperer.

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Been going through a super love-hate relationship with social media at the moment

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Told you so.

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