Taylor Swift Reveals the Trick to Her "Naked Cyborg" Look from "Ready for It"

Taylor Swift dropped what seemed like a very scandalous music video for her new single, “… Ready for It?” on Thursday night, and the Internet was instantly ablaze with chatter about the “naked cyborg” that Swift plays in the video.

But while she appeared to be totally undressed, in reality, she was wearing a skin-colored bodysuit with sheer paneling, which gave the illusion that her body was made up of different, distinctly un-human “parts.”


Swift took to Instagram Stories on Friday to address the controversy and show what that bodysuit looks like in real life, before dark lighting and video editing played tricks on our eyes. And in reality, she’s very far from being naked.

Taylor Swift Ready for It? - 1

“It warms my heart that [people] had so much to say about this bodysuit,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a selfie of herself wearing it. She’s even wearing a bra and underwear underneath the not-so-scandalous outfit.

Taylor Swift Ready for It? - 2
Taylor Swift Ready for It? - 3

Well, that’s one mystery solved. Now we’re just waiting to find out just what (or who) that music video is really about.

Taylor, care to post any more enlightening Instagram Stories?

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