By Carlson
Updated Mar 28, 2016 @ 9:30 am
Taylor Swift Austin Swift LEAD
Credit: Instagram/@taylorswift

Taylor Swift gave the world a peek into one of her family's positively egg-tastic Easter traditions, when on Saturday she posted videos of her and her younger brother, Austin, smashing their Easter eggs together—for fun!

The game (aka, "Easter Battles 2016") apparently goes like this, according to Taylor's videos: She and Austin decorate eggs and then see which of them cracks first when they are slammed together, head-on.

Out of the three videos Taylor, 26, posted, it looks like she went one-for-two against Austin—though their final battle was a little ... all over the place. "Ground yourself!" she told him in that one, as he and his egg bobbed and weaved in the air.

Don't get the wrong idea from these videos, though: There's no real rivalry between the pop star and her brother. In fact, Taylor skipped the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2014 to watch Austin, an actor and student at the University of Notre Dame, take the stage.

Austin is also basically an honorary member of the Swift Squad—as he helped celebrate the 21st birthday of Karlie Kloss's younger sisters, earlier this month.

The one thing that does come between them? Easter competitions.

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