It's the Beyhive vs. Swifties.


Taylor Swift debuted the first live performance of her new single, "ME!", at the Billboard Music Awards last night, but it wasn't the song itself that got people talking. Instead, people were ringing the alarm over some similarities between her performance and Beyoncé's epic Coachella appearance in 2018. (They called it Beychella for a reason.)

Swift's use of a drumline and an all-pink band aesthetic, in particular, had people calling her out on Twitter for "ripping off" of Bey. Beyoncé's performance, which was the focus of her recent documentary, Homecoming, also featured a marching band, all-pink outfits, and slightly similar sets — and the Beyhive was quick to notice.

Some, however, pointed out that neither Beyoncé nor Taylor have a monopoly on using drumlines for performances, and it was probably a coincidence that their respective appearances looked similar.

And some Swifties even accused Beyoncé of being the one to copy Taylor in the first place.

Meanwhile, some people pointed out that this isn't the first time Taylor has been accused of copying Bey.

We may never know if Taylor was really drawing inspiration from Beyoncé, but one thing is clear: Don't mess with the Beyhive — or Swifties, for that matter.