By Jennifer Davis
Updated Oct 05, 2017 @ 6:15 pm

It's official: Taylor Swift is the cutest bridesmaid of all time. Last month, the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer stood by her longtime best friend Abigail Anderson's side as married the love of her life in a gorgeous ceremony in Martha's Vineyard, and now we finally get to see beautiful photos from her BFF's big day.

While we got a sneak peek of Swift on maid of honor duty in September, nothing compares to the official wedding photos shared by fellow bridesmaid Harper Grae. She took to her social media accounts to share several photos of Abigail's big day, and not only do they capture the wedding perfectly, it's safe to say Taylor is a great time as a bridesmaid.

"If @abiander and Matt aren’t goals, IDK what is," she wrote on Twitter. Grae then took to Instagram to share more photos, which she captioned with a bible verse and very sweet sentiment. "It was an honor to be by yall’s side and sing yall’s first dance. Yall’s love is inspiring to say the least. #cheerstotheluciers #adiosanderson."

In the photos Grae shared, you can see Swift cheering, pointing enthusiastically at her friend's new husband, and cuddling her BFF in the bridesmaid photos. Scroll down to spot her for yourself.