By Olivia Bahou
Updated Aug 30, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

As fans continue to unearth Easter eggs hidden in Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video, one new piece of information stopped us in our tracks. According to Page Six, Swift bathed in $10 million worth of real diamonds for that tub scene. Because for the world’s biggest pop stars, CZs just don’t cut it.

We already knew that the diamond and platinum jewelry in the scene was lent by Neil Lane (the jeweler to the stars that you might know from the Bachelor franchise). But according to a new report, the jewels around her neck aren’t the only ones that were real. A source told Page Six that the hundreds of carats of jewels she was swimming in are worth well over $10 million.

Credit: TaylorSwiftVEVO/Youtube

Of course, that many diamonds require an “insane” amount of security (on top of the already high precautions that Swift takes to make sure none of her music leaks).

Fans have speculated that the scene was a reference to Kim Kardashian West’s Paris robbery, where she was tied up in a bathtub and robbed of $10 million worth of jewels. There’s no word yet from Taylor’s camp on the speculation. And the dollar bill is likely a reference to the $1 the judge in her groping case awarded her.

The lyrics' and video's hidden messages aside, this shoot gives a whole new definition to “dripping in diamonds.” Mariah Carey, take note.