Taylor Schilling - Lead
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Need an easy way to gauge where Piper is in the Orange Is the New Black storyline? Aside from looking at the episode description, her hair and makeup is one indicator. If you've been binge-watching the previous 3 seasons in preparation for number 4 to drop on June 17, take note on how the subtle differences in Piper's appearance seem to line up with different plot points, and exactly where she currently lies on the badass scale. "You can measure where she is in life and what she's going through by the amount of makeup she has on," Taylor Schilling told InStyle while celebrating the new Origins store in Boston's Harvard Square. "It's interesting, and it's always fun to be more done up during the flashbacks, then to contrast it with how she looks in prison." You'll notice that in season 1, Piper entered Litchfied with a very innocent, doe-eyed appearance, and as the layers of her character were revealed, she seemed to shed her softer exterior. Her brows got bolder, and the makeup came off almost entirely.

Taylor Schilling on OITNB

"It's so refreshing to not have to do a lot of hair and makeup—it's really quite empowering," she continued. "I feel quite bold being able to be bare-faced, because there's this feeling that, aesthetically, you have nothing to lose. There's nothing hidden, and it's freeing." To Schilling, it makes sense for Piper to be more and more bare as the story progresses, and she admitted that this is one of the first roles where she's gone natural on camera, which was exciting to her. As far as season 4 goes, Schilling hinted that we can expect to see Piper lose her grip a little bit, but wouldn't reveal much more—though to be fair, we'd probably lose it ourselves if any spoilers were to be revealed. Before even taking on her role on Orange, however, the star took a very realistic approach to beauty, which we're sure her on-screen persona would completely agree with in her current position in the plot. "There are so many other things to worry about, and you're so much more than what you look like," Schilling added. "Hair and makeup is a really fun and beautiful way to self-express, but you're also so much more, so be brave." Amen to that, sister.