By Kelsey Glein
Updated Aug 09, 2016 @ 4:45 pm
Taylor Swift Taylor Lautner
Credit: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup

It seems like only yesterday that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were 2009's most talked about Hollywood couple, and nearly seven years after the famous duo ended their relationship we are finally getting some answers about what went down.

Fans have speculated for years that the song "Back to December" from Swift's 2010 album Speak Now was about Lautner—the pair broke up just a few months before it was released after sparking up a romance on the set of the movie Valentine's Day—and now we have confirmation from the Twilight star himself. Lautner sat down with his Scream Queens co-stars Lea Michele and John Stamos today to do a Facebook Live video, and the topic quickly changed to past relationships.

"You dated Taylor Swift, I remember that," Michele says to Lautner. The actor responds with a smile, saying that he doesn't want to talk about it. However, the former Glee star presses him on the topic. "Didn’t she write a song about you?" the singer-actress asks. "I think it’s something about a sweater and a hat, right?" Michele continues to take a stab at guessing the tune. "It’s like, your hat in December," she asks before Lautner finally gives in with a response. "It’s called 'Back to December," he says.

Watch the clip above to see it all go down.